In the coming years, a lot of changes within the world of customs await us. In order to inform you as much as possible, we give below a short overview of the most impactful changes.

1. e-Globalisation (live) - BE

As of 1/2/2022, the globalisation procedure will expire and all operators will have to switch to the new electronic globalisation.

Stream Software entered a pilot phase with the AAD&A and pilot customer Bleckmann at the end of 2020; we are extremely proud to be the first customs software provider to go live in production.

We are currently guiding our customers towards the new e-Glob. Be sure to check out the e-Glob section on the website with an extensive whitepaper.

2. e-Commerce (live) - BE + NL

As of 1/7/2021, all shipments with a value below 150€ must be declared via a reduced data set.

Stream Software has developed a cloud application for Belgium (H7) and the Netherlands (DECO). One solution, whether your e-Commerce shipments arrive in Maastricht, Liège, Schiphol or Brucargo! Luxembourg is still on the roadmap to be integrated as well.

3. Cargo Controller (target 03/2022) - EN

"From cargo information to cargo control": the catchphrase of Portbase itself around the new Cargo Controller.

As of March 2022 the old Cargo information of Portbase will no longer be supported. Stream Software is already developing the functionalities within our Customs Streamliner®.

Within Customs Streamliner®, the data from the Cargo Information are already being used in a smart way, among others to trigger the CVB or to be able to use the BL data directly in the declarations. This results in a minimal error burden, with an immediate time and efficiency gain for the users.

Cargo Controller will be available via the web and as an API. Stream Software is currently working on the API specifications. For the current users of Cargo Information, Portbase and Stream Software will continue to support the existing system link (based on XML) until 31 March 2022. As from April 2022 the application within your Customs Streamliner® will be fully API controlled.

4. DMS4.0 (AGS) (target 06/2022) - EN

The old AGS system is going to be overhauled. For the Netherlands Stream Software will develop the new declaration system DMS4.0. The data requirements (dataset) of the declaration will change. Declarants who currently file their declarations via AGS will soon have to file their declarations via DMS, in accordance with the amended Annex B of the EU Customs Code.

In addition, there will be a new functionality in DMS: the processing of control findings. In AGS 3.1, Customs always 'corrected' the declaration. With DMS 4.0, the declarant must supply the corrections himself, after receiving a message with the control results from DMS. Goods are not released until the 'corrected' declaration has been fully processed by Customs.

5. IDMS (target 10/2022) - BE

IDMS will replace PLDA and combine all import modules into one system (PLDA, E-Commerce H7, BE-Gate). Just like the transition from AGS3.1 to DMS4.0 in the Netherlands, this will have an enormous impact on the declaration systems in Belgium. IDMS will be an entirely new declaration system, which will completely replace PLDA-import. The dataset will change just like with DMS4.0.

Stream Software will of course make sure that our users can switch to IDMS in time. Since this is a basic module for almost all our users, we will of course pay the necessary care and attention to this new development.

6. DMS4.1 (target 12/2022) - EN

In addition to the change in the standard declaration systems in the Netherlands (see DMS4.0), the GPA and its entire operation will also change in 2022. Permit holders Enrolled in the Administration of the Declarant (IIAA) will have to send in their supplementary declaration(s) and/or declaration messages using DMS 4.1 at the latest on 1 January 2023. This means that the declaration part of GPA and SPA will lapse.

IIAA licence holders who are going to make use of the so-called chain rule, will use the so-called audit file stock to exchange audit information, which was previously included in the GPA.

If you would like to receive more information about this, please consult our whitepaper. Stream Software is represented in the pilot group of ADS, so we are in the front row to capture the changes within DMS4.1 (and the audit file) and incorporate them into our application in a timely manner.

7. NCTS5 (target 01/2023) - BE

Meanwhile, the technical specifications of phase 5 concerning NCTS are also available. The most important change is that the edifact message will disappear and be replaced by XML. The data structure will also change to meet the requirements of Annex B of the Union Customs Code. The test system is expected by November 2022.

8. AES (target 01/2023) - BE

AES stands for Automated Export System. It will replace PLDA-export. Here, too, an entirely new declaration system. The development will run together with NCTS5, as both may be linked to each other.

9. EMCS4 (target 02/2023) - BE

EMCS will also be upgraded. By 13/02/2023, phase 4 should be completed. We expect a MIG by June 2022, a test environment should be available by the end of 2022. Within this fourth phase, an integration of follow-up duty-paid B2B movements will be introduced (electronic e-AD). In addition to the e-AD, there will also be an e-SAD.

10. PN/TS (target 03/2023) - BE

PN/TS stands for Presentation Notification / Temporary Storage. It will replace the current Goods Compilation (GCA/GCB/GCZ).

These are going to be challenging times, with quite a few changes in the short term. Stream Software is in the front row to follow all these changes closely and build them into the application. Since customs is our core business, we are putting all our resources on the above developments. We will inform you as soon as possible about the planning and implementations.

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