Integrated Logistics Streamliner® (ILS)

Logistics providers have specific automation needs. With the Integrated Logistics Streamliner®, Stream Software offers a comprehensive and flexible solution.

Our Workflow module runs like a thread through the entire application. The steps that a forwarder needs to take in order to process a shipping file are digitised and, where possible, automated by making smart use of data and milestones. The workflow is configurable according to the customer's needs, completely oriented towards his or her processes.

The Forwarding Assist guides the user as well as the supervisor through the business process and provides an overview of all the steps still to be taken and completed. So the forwarding agent always knows what needs to be done and can't forget anything.

Of course, it is also possible to create a fully digital file. Mail traffic, documents and instructions sent to third parties can be linked to the files, so that one always has all the necessary documents centrally to hand.


Within ILS, it is perfectly possible to manage all sea freight both operationally and functionally, whether it is FCL, LCL or other modalities. Links with INTTRA and Cargosmart are all provided, so that the forwarder can handle his entire Ocean file from ILS.


This subsystem is designed for - and in cooperation with - the air freight forwarder. Whether it is simple inbound or outbound shipments or groupage shipments, the Air module enables the forwarder to manage them both operationally and financially.

In air cargo, speed of consignment handling is of the utmost importance. To specifically meet the user's needs in this regard, the air module has been integrated with the electronic air cargo systems for the handling of AWBs and for customs, so that arrival and departure proceed smoothly. For the forwarder, the AWB pools of the various airlines are managed automatically. The customer is then immediately assigned his AWB number. The integrated Document Management System is typically adapted to the air cargo sector. For example, the AWBs can be selected by default and the module allows for automatic generation of instructions from data in the file.


Whether it is simple incoming or outgoing shipments, or groupage shipments, the Road module enables you to manage them both operationally and financially. The integrated Document Management System is typically adapted to the working method of the road forwarder. Thus, the CMRs can be selected as standard and the module allows for the automatic generation of instructions from data in the file. The incoming and outgoing e-mail messages also end up in the file. This way, the user sees the chronological evolution of his shipment.

Linked to the WMS, this module is ideal for the reception and distribution of shipments. In this context, there is also a link to the logistics provider's system. Linked to the DMS, the module takes care of the automatic electronic customs clearance. This road freight forwarding software has been updated to meet fiscal and legal requirements.


It goes without saying that ILS can be linked to the Customs Streamliner®. Take a look at the customs section of the website to discover the power and possibilities of our DMS.


With the tariffing options within ILS, invoicing shipping files becomes child's play. At relationship level, fixed tariffs can be linked to clients, so that when invoicing the files, only the variables (if any) need to be added. With a link to Customs Streamliner®, errors can also no longer be made when settling customs-related costs such as import duties, anti-dumping or VAT. Upon release of the document, these costs are immediately prepared for invoicing together with the price of that type of document.

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