What is e-Globalisation?

In the new UCC legislation and for the application of the EIDR authorisation with exemption from notification and admission to globalisation upon import (local clearance import free circulation), it becomes necessary to replace the EXCEL made today by electronic messages on which Customs can perform checks, as well as the calculation of VAT and import duties.

Why e-Globalisation?

The new e-Globalisation procedure is a legal obligation from the AAD&A. All companies currently using the current globalisation will have to switch to the new e-Globalisation by 01/02/2022.

The e-Globalisation consists of a complete dataset, so the advantage of declaring with a limited dataset is lost. On the other hand, the economic operator retains the advantage of not having to declare transactional goods. Goods can therefore be received and dispatched without transactional declaration and thus without having to wait for a release from customs authorities. Existing business processes can therefore continue.


Stream Software is one of the two software providers that joined as a pilot partner of the AAD&A. So we were in the front row to develop this new functionality! Meanwhile, we are live in production with the e-Globalisation, and we are already successfully migrating all our current customers to this new procedure.

How e-Globalisation works, which preparations you need to make, and how exactly our Customs Streamliner® accommodates e-Globalisation, you can learn in our enclosed white paper.

Feel free to contact our Sales Team(st@streamsoftware.be) for more information!

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