Customs Management System (CMS)

Customs Streamliner®

Shippers or industrial companies are mostly automated with ERP systems. Stream Software always strives for extensive automation and efficiency gains by seamlessly integrating with the ERP systems of the customer (SAP, Navision, J.D. Edwards,...).

Stream Software's CMS is intelligent, ensuring that the most tax-friendly solution is chosen for warehouses and commercial customs systems such as Inward or Outward Processing or Processing under Customs Control.

The interface to the industrial shipper's system is built in such a way that only invoice, packing list and shipment information is needed to perform customs administration. The typical customs code is derived by our Smart Modules and converted to customs declarations and administrations. Therefore, changing the regulations almost never has an impact on the interface with the ERP system. With the current permanent evolution of customs legislation (UCC), this is a particular advantage.

Customs Streamliner® is the complete CMS package for the shipper, which manages all customs procedures within the Benelux within one and the same application.

A brief overview of the supported procedures and administrations:

  • Benelux Customs procedures:
  • ~PLDA (Import & Export) BE
  • ~NCTS (Arrival & Departure) BE
  • ~EMCS (Arrival & Departure) BE
  • ~AC4 BE
  • ~AGS (Import & Export) EN
  • ~EMCS (Arrival & Departure) EN
  • ~PLDA (Import & Export) LU
  • ~NCTS (Arrival &Departure) LU
  • ~EMCS (Arrival &Departure) LU
  • ~AC4 LU
  • ~Fiscal representation (BE/NL)
  • ~Private Bonded Warehouse (BE/NL)
  • ~Public Bonded Warehouse (BE/NL)
  • ~E-commerce
  • ~Depository tax
  • ~VAT warehouse
  • ~Active breeding
  • ~Passive breeding
  • ~e-Globalisation BE
  • ~GPA (Global Periodic Declaration) EN
  • ~SEED/EORI/REX/KBOchecks
  • ~Link to Cpoint / RX Seaport / TUL / Portbase
  • ~Chamber of Commerce
  • ~Automations (Email, Printing, PDF Create, etc)
  • Cross Border Authorisations for Bonded Warehouse Administrations (BE/NL)
  • Authorized location
  • GRN management
  • ...

In addition, the Customs Streamliner® offers numerous modules that facilitate the life of the user.

Customs and the accompanying administrations and reports can be complex and labour intensive. Stream Software offers a comprehensive solution that takes the burden off the customer and keeps them up to date with all the legislative changes within the customs world.

How does it work?

When using the Customs Dossier, Stream Software can offer a fully integrated Customs Management System (DMS).

The linked data (e.g. from an ERP) is automatically converted into a customs file. The built-in scenario and decision modules complete the customs process flows. First of all, the necessary declarations are made (if applicable), then all customs administrations are automatically created and updated in the background.

We strive to automate as much as possible and create efficiency gains, so our solution works like a black box without manual intervention. Via Customs Dossier, all necessary reports can be managed. These reports (e.g. Declaration 71, customs warehouse administrations, GPA,...) are all filled in automatically.

For Belgium

Besides the standard declarations and customs documents, Stream Software is specialised in the automation of all kinds of customs procedures and administrations. Shippers or industrial players are often confronted with (one of) the following procedures:

Bonded warehouse: By placing goods in a bonded warehouse, payment of import duties and VAT is deferred until the goods leave the warehouse again. When the goods leave the warehouse with destination outside the EU (re-export to third country) no import duties and VAT are charged. When the goods leave the customs warehouse with destination Belgium or another EU country, the import duties and VAT are levied at the moment they leave the warehouse.

Stream Software's Customs Streamliner® automates all your customs warehouse administration. Each movement within the warehouse is logged, with a closed audit trail which can be reported to customs without problems. All mandatory reports (e.g. statement 71) are available at all times.

e-Globalisation: Electronic globalisation is replacing the old way of globalisation. The impact is great, as each interim message (subsequent) concerns a complete data set. However, all the advantages of globalisation remain, so that your logistical flow continues to run efficiently. Stream Software was the first software provider live in production. For more information on e-Globalisation, please read our whitepaper.

Other special arrangements: Shippers can obtain further permits as part of their production processes, such as for example inward or outward processing. Also these complex customs procedures are supported by Stream Software within the Customs Streamliner®. Because of the many implementations Stream Software is your knowledge partner within the automation process of these complex flows. Contact us for an analysis of your flows!

For the Netherlands

Bonded Warehouse: Our Bonded Warehouse distinguishes itself by the natural and logical way in which operations are conducted. Checks are carried out in the background at the times when they are important, resulting in fast and correct processing at the back end of the processes. All flows can be automated in our administration by setting up scenarios and templates specifically for your processes. Thanks to the links with the declaration systems and the reuse of data as much as possible, this provides a considerable reduction in the burden for the declarant.

GPA: The Bonded Warehouse linked to the GPA takes even more work off the hands of the declarant because many transactions can be written directly to the GPA, with which the movements of goods in the warehouse are reported to Customs on a monthly basis. This ensures that no direct physical control can take place by Customs on some goods movements, which in turn ensures a better flow of goods in your warehouse. The GPA process, including all customs and customer specific checks, runs in the background so that your operation is not affected.

Supply Chain Management

The Transport Management System ILS®, Integrated Logistics Streamliner®, enables the shipper to manage his shipments from A to Z. A file is created for each shipment.

Through milestone management, key performance indicators can be monitored. What does not meet the objectives is reported. The Business Intelligence with dashboard integration provides a clear overview of the situation at a glance.

The most important modules are the job management, or dossier tracking systems. They closely monitor the operational flow of the shipment. For this purpose, they have a number of important tools at their disposal.

The Forwarding Assist manages the business process and records the milestones. It assists the user in managing his daily work. It can automatically give instructions, send e-mails, inform customers, postpone invoices and much more. Every task can be taught to the assistant.

For Belgium
For the Netherlands
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