DMS 4.0

We have been working for some time on the necessary changes to screens and database to accommodate all the extra fields in the application(s). The biggest challenge is to coordinate all the systems that work together at the back of the application to do justice to all the functionality and to ensure that they can read, store, process and change the extra fields where necessary. Subsequently, much of this information must also be added to the screens.

We have now completed the phase in which we can technically validate our messages. The next step in the testing process is to send in messages and process the return messages (both message acceptances and error messages). At the moment, it is still impossible to test a complete flow. At this moment we only receive statuses DMSREJ (Rejection) and a DMSACC (Acceptance) from the Customs test system. We will of course continue to monitor everything closely so that we can test the entire cycle as quickly as possible.

Last week we received a newsflash that no updates to the Customs test system can be done before 21 March '22. This means for Stream Software that we are still not able to receive return messages from Customs and validate how our application will process them. Not all return types can be tested for DMS 4.0 yet, the next release of the test system from Customs should also include more return types.

Update April 2022

The update of 21 March 2022 has already brought some improvement. We can confirm that we have successfully processed the first MRNs.

Of course, we will continue to do our best to transform our application to be DMS4-compliant, and we will do everything we can to meet Customs' schedule for its roll-out.

The roll-out planning of Customs for this phase consists of a number of phases:

It should be noted that this planning is highly provisional. Given the very tight deadlines and delays in delivering the test systems, we expect further adjustments.

DMS 4.1

During the development of release 4.0, we try to take into account the requirements for release 4.1 as much as possible. There is no test system for this at the moment.

Stream Software has applied for a pilot project, but there has been no effective call from Customs. 

The roll-out planning for this also consists of a number of phases:

Again, we should note that the planning is provisional. Given the very tight deadlines and delays in the delivery of the test systems, we expect further adjustments.


GPA & Audit File 

Stream Software has been part of the group that made a Proof of Concept with Customs for the Audit File from the very beginning. This group has recently been revived now that there is an agreement from Customs to continue this route.

We have completed the Proof of Concept with one of our Dutch clients (a regular warehouse without additional regulations like AGP or AV). Once we have completed the first pilot phase with this client, we will be able to give a full update on the impact the replacement of the GPA will have on our clients individually. Customers with an IP or AGP permit may still receive a request from us to participate in a pilot project.

The roll-out of Audit Filezal will begin on 1 January 2023 and, according to Customs' preliminary planning, will last until June 2023.

For further questions, please contact one of the Account Managers. 

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